At IDEAS Centre, we conduct business according to values embodied in our credo.

“The following policies set out our commitment, responsibility and approach. These policies are annually reviewed by our Executive Director and commonly agreed on by the whole staff of IDEAS Centre.”

Nicolas Imboden, Co-founder & President

Anti-Bribery & Business Ethics Policies

Ideas Centre is committed to being transparent in its work and accountable to its key stakeholders. As an organisation, Ideas Centre is committed to openness and transparency. It is vitally important to IDEAS that it is accountable to its staff, donors, suppliers and host governments. All Employees and Partners must agree to this policy when signing their contract – The Employee or Partner undertakes to carry out the mandate in full independence, to guarantee the public interest of the project and to favor no one personally. The Partner shall neither offer a third person nor seek, accept or get promised directly or indirectly for himself or for any other party any gift or benefit which would or could be construed as an illegal or corrupt practice. In case of obvious violation of these requirements, legal measures can be taken, including the termination of this Agreement by the Centre with immediate effect. Ideas Centre is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Health & Safety Policy

IDEAS Centre takes Health and Safety extremely seriously – the welfare of its staff is important. IDEAS employs a team of Trade Policy Advisors who undertake research and advises Least Developed Countries to help them adapt their Trade Policies to develop their national economy, access the world economy, and encourages sustainable development. IDEAS Centre is also a member of the Swiss Centre Patronal and receives yearly guidelines through the “Guide de l’Employeur”, strictly followed for the welfare of its employees. It also takes its lead from the Health & Safety Swiss regulations, ensuring that all its activities exceed the regulations set out by Article 6 of the Swiss Work Law. Good working conditions and a sense of success in the workplace, on the other hand, generate both physical and psychological well-being and can increase the motivation and performance of workers.

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Collaborative Management Policy

Ideas Centre recognises the importance of working closely with selected parties in certain situations in order to bring added value to its customers, partners and IDEAS. This statement is a declaration of the Board’s intent that IDEAS shall, where appropriate, select and develop strong and effective collaborative business relationships that achieve added value for the customer and the organisation. IDEAS processes for Collaborative Working to reflect the requirements of ‘BS11000-1:2010 Collaborative Business Relationships’, and define the processes, tools and guidance that are to be followed to ensure that collaborative relationships are formed in the right situations. This policy states that IDEAS Management shall ensure:

  • That where IDEAS choose its collaborative partners, they are selected against predetermined selection criteria
  • The degree of integrated working agreed with each partner is appropriate to deliver the desired objectives
  • The integrated working methods with each partner are fully defined, agreed and documented before any collaborative working occurs
  • That each collaborative relationship is delivering added value in line with expectations
  • That staff working in collaborative situations are sufficiently and appropriately skilled to do so
  • The agreement of an exit strategy before commencing collaborative working with any partner
  • This policy is communicated effectively to all employees and made available to any interested party
  • The experience is used to continually improve the collaborative approach

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Environmental Policy

Although IDEAS Centre is a service company, it is anyway taking positive steps to reduce its own carbon footprint – there is no production to control but small actions can also contribute to the Environment protection.

Ideas Centre offers to all its employees the “annual ½ tariff in all Switzerland”: since 13 years, this action encourages its employees to use public transport to commute to the office using the train or the bus or have a covered place for their bikes, in the building.

Wherever possible we control emissions, recycle, use renewable resources and conserve energy. Recycling bins are mandatory and available in all offices to recycle paper.

The printers are set up to automatically print double sided to avoid wasting paper.

The Centre recognises it is a measure by which we are judged by our staff, clients and business partners, and therefore is a critical factor for the business and its long term success.

Most importantly, the Centre’s advice in trade policy follows the principles of sustainable development. It advises its clients on how to introduce environmental objectives into their trade policy.
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Quality Management Policy

To make sure the Centre offers the best services possible and is in line with public needs, the Centre has opted for a Quality Management policy that promotes efficiency and participation of all public, private or minority stakeholders in the field of Trade.   It involves obtaining an optimal level of quality of each service offered, by the commitment of all staff of the Centre. It assumes the following commitments:

  • Ensure the implementation of quality objectives for the project, that are consistent with the strategic guidelines established by the country’s Trade Department
  • Collects on a random basis, Evaluations of satisfaction, Opinions through the distribution of questionnaires to its clients and partners
  • Establish, meet and conveniently review this Quality Policy, based on reviews received, to fit at all times, the expectations and governing body’s guidelines, according to the founding objectives of the Association.
  • Constantly evaluate the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the project by implementing Steering committee meetings with donors and recipients at least every six months: to ensure that the Centre’s services are in conformity with both the customer and / or donor needs, as with legal and regulatory requirements.

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