Seminar for the private sector on negotiations

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In 2010, IDEAS Centre organised a one-day seminar for a group of 40 Swiss private sector representatives. The issues addressed were: how do international organisations and/or negotiations influence the work of private sector and how can the private sector influence the international organisations/negotiations on, for instance, the example of WTO and the Doha Round. The event aimed at improving the negotiating skills of corporate executives operating in a multilateral and bilateral context.

The seminar was organised around:

  • A morning session with presentations by high-level representatives from the WTO, the EFTA Secretariat and Switzerland on the Doha round and its importance for the private sector followed by questions and answers sessions.
  • The afternoon session focused on a simulation based on role-play exercises. The exercises simulated discussions between leaders of the government and executives and provided participants with an overview of the tools and techniques necessary to conduct effective corporate negotiations on a bilateral and multilateral basis.

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